You're Invited!

When?Saturday, February 24, 2018 at 7pm
Where?North Lake Bear Trap
Why?Fun, Glory and Awesome Prizes (see Prizes section)
What Should I Bring? Pre-made sauce, your pre-chopped toppings (including cheese). Pizza crusts are 10-12 inches diameter, so plan your toppings accordingly. Alternately, you can pick up your pizza crust at the Bear Trap this week, top your pizza at home, and bring it back (uncooked). on Saturday night.

Pizza Topping Challenge

Another in the series of "Cook Off" parties. Chuck is providing home-made pizza crusts, so everyone is starting with the same base. Bring your favorite toppings. Top your pizza. and it will be cooked by Mike..

How Does It Work?

Prizes for 1st Place, Runner Up (2nd), 3rd Place, 4th Place and 5th Place

Subject to change at my discretion or act of God

1st Place

Men's XL Long Sleeve More Cowbell T-Shirt --- Because EVERYBODY needs MORE COWBELL

Men's Long Sleeve More Cowbell

Runner Up (2nd Place)

Women's XL Long Sleeve More Cowbell T-Shirt --- Because I HAVE A FEVER

2nd Place

3rd Place, 4th Place, 5th Place

You guessed it...

3rd Place

9 Participants

Tiny Cowbells


Rules and Score Cards subject to change. Preview Only.

Pizza Topping Challenge Rules

  1. Don’t Eat Too Much of any one slice --- just bite the tip
  2. Cleanse the Palate Between Slices ---

Score Card Basics ---> 1 is bad, 5 is good

Please respond. Be sure to note if you will be a contestant, judge or both. Any suggestions or great ideas appreciated. Please indicate date or day of week preference.

Sorry. It's over. You missed it.


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